Why Choose ChipRewards Health Incentive Platform

What We Do

A Configurable Health Incentive Platform to Meet Your Needs

ChipRewards’ enterprise-level solution enables health plans, employers and healthcare service providers to design and implement large-scale initiatives that increase participation and drive clinical and financial outcomes.

What We Offer

As a Healthcare Engagement Hub we offer a wide array of products to drive engagement

in the various health behaviors (from health promotions and wellness to prevention and condition management) that will have positive impact on your company’s ROI.

  • Health Plans
  • Commercial &
    Govt Payors
  • Self-Insured
  • Hospital
  • Labor Unions
  • Pharmacies
    and more!

Let us help you create the perfect program for your organization.
Contact us for a custom quote or to get a detailed Demo of our consumer health engagement platform.

Your Members

No matter how much we try, you know your members best. The ChipRewards platform can be tailored to meet those needs.

Your Business

You have your own unique business goals. Whether those goals are reducing costs, increasing health outcomes or a specific target, the ChipRewards platform can help you.

Your Time

The ChipRewards platform can be configured by you and your team or by ChipRewards Account Managers in a quick and easy way.

Your Budget

Every engagement strategy has its own budget. The ChipRewards platform can be built in a cost-effective manner to meet your budget goals.


Integrate with any vendor through API or File Feeds


Personalized to me your individual user's needs

Rules Based

Tracking behaviors from various sources allows for both simple and complex rules to be executed against data.


Run one or many programs for different populations


Complies with HIPAA/HITECH privacy and security standards


Self administer your program cradle to grave or use the ChipRewards Account Management team.


Management of the platform allows for specific client requirements to be setup without time-consuming and expensive programming.


Easily set-up and administered, attribute driven, across many data integrations.

Our Products

ChipRewards offers a multitude of products to help you engage your population and improve health outcomes. From Reporting to Customer Relationship Management, to Nutrition and Diabetes Prevention Program, ChipRewards’ configurable platform meets the needs of every market segment.


The ChipRewards solution is often referred to as a Healthcare Engagement Hub, as it easily integrates currently fragmented components to provide a Unified Browsing Experience across all partner sites and drive utilization to increase engagement.


Select and click one of the ChipRewards products to learn more about our offerings.

Our Philosophy & History

Our philosophy is to provide the premiere platform in the industry and to provide our clients with the insights, experience, and technology to drive engagement and to exceed their business objectives in the most cost-effective manner.
Our founders have successfully built software companies serving in the customer loyalty and rewards business segments. Our experience with clients in banking, retail, grocery, gas, and convenience stores has been instrumental in our understanding of consumers and consumer engagement.

Icario Expands Consumer Engagement and Health Action Platform

with Acquisition of ChipRewards

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