Provide a Unified Experience to Your Incentive Plan Members — and Watch Member Engagement Metrics Soar

Provide a Unified Experience to Your Incentive Plan Members — and Watch Member Engagement Metrics Soar

Health incentive programs come in many different forms and formats. Ideally, each program is tailored to the specific needs of its members and their employer. But all programs share one absolute commonality: they thrive on member engagement. Without member engagement, any program will fail.

No surprise there; successful programs are built upon the foundation of a highly engaged membership. It’s also no surprise that programs that fail to meet goals also have trouble keeping members engaged.

But this is a surprise (at least to us): Many programs virtually guarantee low member engagement by failing to provide members with the ONE thing that will most help to boost engagement.

What is that one thing? It’s providing members with a unified experience made possible through a digital hub.

To explain, let’s consider the way that most programs are structured (very possibly including your program)…

A Jumbled, Mish-Mashy Mess

It’s quite common for a program to be comprised of a collection of sub-programs. These sub-programs each focus upon a special function. One sub-program, for example, might focus on health assessments. Another might focus on wellness coaching. Another might specialize in biometrics screening. It’s not unusual for each sub-program to be run by a different vender.

So on the whole, the incentive program consists of a collection of different sub-programs run by different vendors. That’s not a problem. In fact, it only makes sense to utilize vendors that are expert and highly experienced in their area of specialty.

But structuring a program in this manner can lead to a BIG problem, and frequently does. That happens when the members in the program are forced to navigate their way through all of these different sub-programs. Without a central digital hub to serve as an easily navigated ‘highway,’ providing the user with a convenient path to and from each participating vendor, members are left to find their own way when they need services or assistance.

Instead of engaging with just one program, the member must engage with five, ten, a dozen different programs. Or disengage entirely — and that’s the option that many frustrated members finally choose.

Jumping Through Hoops

Have you ever seen a dog show, where all the canine contestants perform feats of animal athletics? The competition usually involves the pooches jumping through hoops at some point. Almost every time, the dogs happily comply with their handler’s request to hurdle through a hoop.

But that doesn’t work so well with people — and that includes the members of your health incentive program. Most folks aren’t terribly inclined to spend their time jumping through figurative hoops. It’s a strange paradox, then, that so many programs attempt to force their members to, essentially, jump through hoops. The more a member attempts to engage with a program’s many different sub-programs, the more hoop-jumping is required.

Replace the Hoops with One Hub

There is a simple way to eliminate those figurative hoops that you might be forcing your members to jump through. You simply replace all of those hoops with a single hub — a digital hub.

You can provide your members with a single online hub through which they are able to access ALL of your program’s associated sub-programs. So your member may be dealing with one vendor one moment, and a completely different member the next moment as they navigate through the various components of your program.

But to the member, it will seem as though they’ve been interfacing with just one entity the entire time. There’s not a different number to call if they need help. They don’t have to remember multiple passwords for signing-on to different vendor sub-programs.

Or, to put it differently, there are no hoops to jump through.

Isn’t Coordinating Vendors Like Herding Cats?

That’s what you’re thinking, right?

You’re probably trying to imagine how you could possibly coordinate all the different vendors that represent the many sub-programs of your incentive program. Each vendor, after all, is an independent company, unrelated to all of your other vendors. Each has their own way of doing things.

How could you integrate all of them into a single digital hub that presents a unified experience to your members?

The answer is simple: You don’t do that. We do.

The ChipRewards platform (and the team that supports it) is capable of incorporating all of your vendors into one virtual digital hub. Vendors can be linked to your digital hub

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Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards