Is Your Front-End as Good as Your Back-End?

Is Your Front-End as Good as Your Back-End? Ours Is

You show us your back-end, and we’ll show you ours.

Now don’t get the wrong idea. When we say back-end, we’re talking about the behind-the-scenes systems and account management tools that power a health engagement program platform.

And again — unless you’re already using the ChipRewards platform — ours is better than yours.

How can we be so certain of the superiority of our back end? Because the ChipRewards back-end offers configurability and capability that no other platform provides.

The Importance of Back-End Configurability

Think of the platform you’re using to run your engagement program. The way that you interface with it — most likely that’s some form of graphic dashboard — that’s the front-end of the platform.

No doubt that dashboard is quite capable. No doubt you can get lots done through that dashboard. But there’s also no doubt that you need some extra help at times. That’s because you simply can’t do everything that must be done through that dashboard. There are many behind-the-scenes (or behind the dashboard) chores and tasks that can’t be accomplished through the front-end dashboard.

But if your back-end was more configurable, as is the Chip Rewards back-end, it would be a different story.

No IT Support Needed

What difference does a better back-end make? Perhaps the most important difference is a reduction in your dependence upon the IT team to get things done. We call it the one call, one resolution difference.

Consider this scenario: You’re working in member support. And you get a call from a member. The member needs a relatively common and simple problem solved — let’s say a question about not earning a reward for a preventive screening.

No problem, you tell your member. You’ll get that taken care off. Except…not right now. You’re going to have to wait, and the member is going to have to wait. Because you don’t have the ability to fix that problem. It’s a back-end issue, you see. And you’re going to have to file a ticket and wait for one of the overworked IT people to take care of that problem.

When can you tell your member that the problem will be fixed? Well…it will be “soon,” you tell them. Not a very satisfying experience for you or for the member.

But how satisfying would it be for both of you if your platform’s back-end provided you with the capability of fixing that issue RIGHT NOW, while the member is on the phone? With the ChipRewards back-end, that’s the way this little scenario would play out. Your member gets the problem solved with one quick phone call, and you don’t have to poke the IT bear with a stick.

Everybody is happier. And that’s why our back-end is better than yours.

True Self-Service

But wait — there’s more.

In the little scenario above, your member needed to make a phone call to support to get a problem resolved. It’s true that they didn’t have to wait for days or weeks for a resolution to their problem; it was fixed while they were on the phone with you.

But what if they didn’t need to call you in the first place? What if they could resolve their issue themselves, without having to ask you for help, and without having to get IT involved?

That would certainly be better for you: less money and time spent in keeping members happy. And it would obviously be better for the member, too. They’d have the satisfaction of resolving the problem themselves. They’d be relieved of the dreaded chore of making a call to customer service (no matter how good your customer service might be, nobody wants to call if they don’t have to!).

And most importantly, the member remains engaged with your program — and engagement programs just don’t work if annoyances (like calls to customer service) prevent members from staying engaged.

A Better Back-End Pays Off Big

In a future post, we’ll get into some of the nuts-and-bolts of what makes our back-end better than yours.

But for now, we just want to point out the importance of having a back-end that’s as configurable as the front-end, and that provides role-based capabilities that reduce dependence upon IT.

Put simply, the industry-best ChipRewards platform back-end helps to:

  • Increase member engagement and satisfaction
  • Reduce (by as much as 90 percent!) reliance upon IT
  • Slash cost-of-operation by reducing management, customer service, and IT hours
  • Have the ability to fully self-administer your engagement program


For all of these reasons, you might want to consider making a swap: your back-end for ours. After all, ours is better than yours.

Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards