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How ChipRewards Elite Reporting Capability Can Help Guide Enterprise Strategy

How ChipRewards Elite Reporting Capability Can Help Guide Enterprise Strategy

If your organization is running a health rewards and loyalty program you understand the necessity of robust reporting capabilities.

An engagement program platform that provides extensive reporting capabilities vs. a platform with weak reporting is like the difference between day and night. It’s like the difference between seeing clearly and stumbling around in the dark.

We’re proud to say that the ChipRewards platform offers the ‘daylight’ version of reporting capability. Our reporting capabilities provides you with a clear vision of what is happening — and what has happened — with your incentive program.

But what truly sets ChipRewards’ reporting capability apart from other platforms is our ability to provide real time insights into your population. In providing a clear view of the present and the past, ChipRewards reporting capability can provide you with an invaluable tool for long-term strategizing.

A bit more about that later.

Are You Using a “Black Box” Platform?

We’re not going to name any names here, but the platforms of many of our competitors could be likened to a big black box.

What’s going on inside that mysterious black box?

Well, if you’re a user of one of those black-box platforms, you know, of course, that your incentive program is going on inside that black box. But you don’t know a whole lot more. The primitive reporting capabilities of the platform simply don’t provide much insight into the internal workings of your program.

If the results coming out of that black box aren’t what you are hoping for — low engagement rates; poor health metric improvements; etc. — good luck figuring out where the problems lie. And without clear visibility into what’s going on, there’s little hope of finding ways to boost performance.

Shining a Light

The ChipRewards platform, on the other hand, might be likened to a clear glass box. Our advanced reporting capabilities (made possible by ChipRewards’ superior back-end tools and systems) provides you with the ability to shine a light into the complete inner workings of the program — no hidden, murky inner nooks or crannies.


How does the platform provide you with the ability to shine that light anywhere you please? Through innovative reporting features such as:

  • Processing Logs: Reports that enable you to check on any transaction that occurred on the platform at any given time. You can also provide a search through transactions to learn why something did (or didn’t) happen.
  • Real-Time Feedback: When a failure occurs, the platform provides instant notification. This feature can reduce troubleshooting to a matter or seconds or minutes, rather than the hours or days that a long-after-the-fact forensic examination typically requires.
  • Analytics Engine: Enables real-time, personalized reports to be delivered to users based upon user-defined scenarios.
  • Custom Report Builder: Do you want your reports to be delivered in a raw CSV? An Excel file? A custom template? Do you want reports generated only upon request or per a predefined schedule? Whatever you want for your reports, and however/whenever you want them delivered (to borrow from an old fast-food chain advertising jingle), you can have it your way.

And, just FYI, leadership finds our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports invaluable for decision-making.

Look at it this way: Our platform’s reporting capabilities provides you with the ability to shine a light anywhere you want; you can have complete visibility into what’s going on within the platform. But, perhaps even more importantly, the platform can also provide you with guidance as to where you should be shining that light.

Using ChipRewards’ Reporting for Long-Term Strategizing

As noted above, ChipRewards’ reporting capability is so advanced it can provide you with real-time insights. That’s because we take the stance that reporting is more than mere data. It’s strategy.

All enterprise strategies, after all, are data based. When planning for the future your strategy shouldn’t focus just on present data; your strategy should be based upon data accumulated from both past and present occurrences. The more accurate and complete that data, the better informed will be your planning for the future.

So when your reporting provides you with a more complete view of what is happening in real-time and what has happened in the past, it’s also providing you with a more accurate view of what will likely happen. And that, of course, provides you with the ability to make the proper decisions for fashioning the future you desire for your organization.

Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards