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Want to Boost Your Wellness and Incentive Program Engagement Numbers? We Know How to Do That

What’s the most important measurable part of your overall wellness program strategy?

It could be argued that nothing is more important than the levels of engagement you achieve with your members. It’s really pretty simple: successful programs are those that consistently achieve high engagement levels.

OK, here’s the next question: How do you achieve high engagement levels in your program?

What? You don’t have an easy answer to that question?

We do. That’s really what ChipRewards is all about.

We could just talk about how we can bump your engagement levels up to new, perhaps never-before-achieved rates. But let’s do something different. Instead, we’ll show you what we recently achieved for a couple of clients.

How We Work

Our clients often have ChipRewards drive their users to engage in healthy activities, but also partner with a number of different vendors that are focused on improving health outcomes. We team with these partners to improve engagement levels within our clients’ wellness programs. And higher engagement levels, in turn, lead to improved health outcomes.

We recently partnered with Pack Health, a health coaching platform for chronic condition management and monitoring, to increase engagement levels with two clients. We offered these clients a solution to engage members with incentives and an easy to understand user experience. This HealthCare Engagement Hub offers users a user experience that explains healthy behaviors, connects users with all earning opportunities and vendors, and updates the member throughout their journey. When members looking for help with a chronic condition come to The HealthCare Engagement Hub, it’s easy for them to see and understand what is offered to them as part of the Pack Health program and other activities available. This clarity encourages members to take the biggest step: signing-up.

Two Tales of Success

Our engagement with the two new clients noted above began just this year. So, as this is written, we’ve been helping Pack Health engage with the program members of these two clients for just a little over two months.

How has it gone so far?  In just a two-month period, we’ve seen a measurable increase in members accessing Pack Health’s much-needed services through their HealthCare Engagement Hub.

  • Client One (an insurance company):
    • An 83% increase in engagement, as measured by pageviews
    • A 135% increase in sign-up rates
  • Client Two (a healthcare organization):
    • An 700% increase in engagement, as measured by pageviews
    • A 92% increase in sign-up rates

Given the impact of Pack Health programs on key metrics such as blood sugar control, weight management, medication adherence, stress reduction, and musculoskeletal pain management, this increased engagement also represents a big win for our clients’ bottom line!

How We Achieve Such Success

We began this blog post with a question: What’s the most important measurable of your wellness program? Answer: Your member engagement level.

Let’s wrap-up this post with another question and answer.

While the above engagement numbers are impressive, they’re not unusual. We consistently achieve similar results working with many of our partners and clients. So here’s the next question: How do we achieve such great member engagement numbers?

The answer is really quite simple: We achieve such remarkable member engagement success by offering a great user experience. And enabling a great user experience requires providing:

To the above, add the ability to truly understand — in real time — how your program is performing, and you’ll be on your way to significantly improved member engagement numbers.

Ready to Boost Your Member Engagement Numbers?

We can’t promise absolutes such as the 700% increase in member engagements we achieved for one of the clients referenced above, or the 135% in sign-up rates we achieved for the other client.

But we’re quite confident that we can help you boost your numbers. And quite significantly. After all, we know what we’re doing.

The proof is in the numbers.

Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards