Digital Communication Strategy for Health and Wellness Incentive Programs

Digital Communication Strategy for Health and Wellness Incentive Programs

The age of digital communication is here, especially when it comes to engaging users. With so many messages circulating on digital platforms and in workplace communication channels, building the right digital communication plan to reach members is essential to engage them where they are for valuable connection and retention.

This connection includes growing relationships through strategic, activity-based, and scheduled-based messaging on various platforms—websites, apps, email, text, and more. By using digital communication strategy that targets specific behaviors, timelines, milestones, or incentives, health plans and employers are better equipped to engage individuals in important health and wellness initiatives. 

The process can seem overwhelming, but with the right healthcare engagement platform which provides data, solutions, and positive outcomes, you can offer a strategic digital communication scheme that will help improve engagement rates and overall satisfaction of your members and employees.

Define Your Strategy

Digital communications first need to have a strategy defined. This may include how many communications to send a month, what times to send messages – and when to not, how to message individual members (not just the population as a whole). Does messaging have particular guidelines, state or local laws, and or in-house rules and regulations? The ability to define the communication strategy sets up any digital messaging program for success. 

Enhance Engagement With Activity-Based Messaging 

Your hard-to-reach populations can benefit from strategic, activity-based messaging. Members who would receive this type of messaging have or have not completed an activity or unlocked an earning opportunity. Recipients may also receive encouragement or feedback to increase the ongoing engagement in the program. 

Incorporate Reminders for Schedule-Based Messaging

 Digital communication can also be scheduled in advance to maintain your connections. This may include reminders for outstanding or expiring earning opportunities and incentives, as well as providing information on monthly balances or non-activity on the account. This works to reinforce sustained participation and completion of a desired behavior, growing the relationship.

Grow and Evolve with ChipRewards 

ChipRewards collects and processes relevant data to improve the healthcare experience, influence behaviors, and drive outcomes for you. As you evolve from basic, participatory programs to more sophisticated, activity and outcomes-based digital communications, the ChipRewards solution provides an upward-growing foundation to launch personalized programs that lead individuals through their health and wellness journey.

A Few Good Facts to Know

  • Digital communications with ChipRewards are rules-based, targeted for specific members to drive engagement and bridge healthcare gaps. 
  • Diverse languages allow you to meet member’s language preferences and have a wider scope of digital communication strategy.
  • ChipRewards digital communications have auto-reply capabilities for inbound text messages from members.
  • All communications set up by ChipRewards are always TCPA-compliant for respecting member opt-outs, state-specific delivery windows, blackout periods, and messaging cap limits.
  • Member-level and group-level reporting is available for email and text digital communication campaigns.

Learn More About ChipRewards Incentive Platform

ChipRewards helps you take your healthcare and wellness programs to new levels with solutions that engage members, reduce costs and improve outcomes. Request a demonstration, and learn why companies of all sizes trust ChipRewards with their healthcare and wellness digital communication strategy.

Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards