ChipRewards Is TCPA Compliant


ChipRewards Is TCPA Compliant

As an organization that helps companies improve customer and employee engagement for healthcare and wellness, ChipRewards understands how important communication can be. The power of communication allows for real-time, meaningful, and personalized messaging to be delivered to engage, educate, and motivate.

On the flip side, we can also appreciate the need for limitations on communication when appropriate. This is why ChipRewards is TCPA compliant in our business communication efforts for our company and those we work with to promote healthcare and wellness. 

Do Not Call (DNC) Compliant

The ChipRewards platform houses an integrations hub that allows for seamless connectivity with a host of different web services and batch files from our partners and health plans.  One of these integrations (among many others), can leverage a DNC batch file generated by our partners.  We can use this to communicate bi-directionally around members who are eligible or ineligible to receive communications.  If members opt out via our portal or through an SMS response, we can relay this information back to our partner in an automated fashion and update the DNC List, accordingly.  This helps us to comply with our partners as well as TCPA regulations and create a powerful messaging solution to drive outcomes.

What it Means to be TCPA Compliant

To be TCPA compliant means ChipRewards adheres to the regulations set forth by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The TCPA regulates telemarketing calls, auto-dialed calls, pre recorded calls, text messages, and unsolicited faxes. It is also the authority to create the National Do-Not-Call List. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is empowered to issue rules and regulations implementing the TCPA. 

TCPA Compliant and the FCC 

The TCPA restricts telemarketing and advertisements under FCC rules, restricting calls before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m., as well as calls made to residential numbers on the National Do-Not-Call registry.

Prior express written consent is required for all autodialed calls, pre recorded calls, or texts sent or made to a wireless number and prerecorded calls made to wired numbers for advertising or telemarketing purposes.  

TCPA Call Exceptions 

Exceptions to the restrictions include calls that are manually dialed without a prerecorded message, emergency calls, noncommercial calls, or commercial calls with no telemarketing. 

The TCPA also rules exceptions when calls are made by or on behalf of a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, or deliver a healthcare message made by, or on behalf of, a covered entity or its business, as defined in the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

Important TCPA Restrictions

Telemarketers must disconnect unanswered calls prior to at least 15 seconds or four rings. They must abandon more than 3% of all telemarketing calls that are answered live by a person, as measured over a 30-day period for a single calling campaign. If a single calling campaign exceeds a 30-day period, the abandonment rate will be calculated separately for each successive 30-day period or portion.

Artificial or Prerecorded Voice Telephone Messages 

The beginning of a message must clearly state the business, individual, or entity initiating the call. The message must also clearly state the telephone number (other than that of the auto-dialer or prerecorded message player that placed the call) of the business, entity, or individual. The provided telephone number cannot exceed local or long-distance charges.

To remain TCPA compliant, calls must also provide an automated, interactive voice and/or key press-activated opt-out mechanism for the person to make a do-not-call request.

Staying TCPA Compliant 

By staying TCPA compliant, ChipRewards also acknowledges the importance of being a strong and compliant communicator. 

If you would like to learn more about ChipRewards, request a demonstration, and learn why companies of all sizes trust ChipRewards for their healthcare and wellness strategy.

Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards