The Importance of Maternal Health: Engaging Future Moms

The Importance of Maternal Health: Engaging Future Moms

Pregnancy can be an equally exciting and challenging time for any woman, but a solid healthcare engagement hub can make a dramatic difference in the material health of these members.

Our product, ChipRewards Engage, can automatically flag members that are pregnant based on their individual patient data. The system will drive appropriate and engaging content directly to that member to provide the best user experience.

This will keep your pregnant members engaged in their maternal health on our interactive platform and app. Keep reading to see some of the features that you can easily set up for your members.

Tips for Maternal Health

Lifestyle changes go a long way in supporting maternal health, as well as that of the baby. This, of course, covers the basics—like eating right and staying active. But it also applies to more involved activities, like starting prenatal care, cutting out caffeine, and stopping smoking (more on that later).

Your soon-to-be-mothers will get more information like this—and more—on their ChipRewards dashboard to keep them engaged in their wellbeing.

Lists and Schedules

Pregnancy means there’s a lot to keep up with. Between prenatal appointments, ultrasounds, and everything else, it can be challenging to keep track of it all. Our platform has the lists and schedules that your moms-to-be need to keep their maternal health on track.

Also, our platform will automatically apply claims and dish out rewards for staying on top of these prenatal health tasks.

Resources to Be Tobacco Free

For the women who use tobacco products, becoming tobacco free can be one of the most challenging parts of pregnancy. But it is vital to the health of both the mother and baby.

We can provide your members with resources and information—right on their user dashboard—to help them kick the habit and focus on their maternal health.

Breastfeeding Support

Your pregnant members can receive breastfeeding support specifically tailored to their needs. 

We can even help adapt your incentives to a value-added benefits system. Do you want your members to receive milk storage bags or a free breast pump by attending to their maternal health? Our platform makes that simple and easy!

Pregnancy Dos And Don’ts

Pregnancy can completely change your members’ lives, especially for first-time mothers. Our interactive platform can help remind them what activities are best avoided and what they can do to improve their maternal health, as well as the health of their baby. 

Want to Learn More?

As an administrator, you can quickly and easily customize the dashboards of all of your members, including mothers-to-be. There’s no need to submit a ticket and wait weeks for a developer to address your requests. You are in control of your members’ experience with your wellness incentive program.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you engage all of your members, especially in maternal health, let’s talk! Contact us today to get an assessment for your organization or health plan.

Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards