Digitally Upload Your Vaccine Proof in the ChipRewards Platform or App

Digitally Upload Your Vaccine Proof in the ChipRewards Platform or App

Here at ChipRewards, we strive to offer our customers a fully configurable, enterprise-wide member engagement program. To do that, we’re constantly reinventing and updating our platform and app to best meet the needs of our customers. 

COVID-19 has required every business to shift and innovate. ChipRewards is right there with you! We saw a need and made sure our platform and app can meet that need. With ChipRewards, your members can now upload vaccine records virtually in our program or mobile app (and potentially be rewarded). 

How to Store Your Vaccine Passport Digitally

As a Healthcare Engagement Hub , the ChipRewards solution  seamlessly integrates currently fragmented components into one unified experience. This approach is what led us to provide a service that allows members  to upload COVID-19 vaccine proofs  digitally. 

With the ChipRewards Survey tool, program administrators can quickly set up a COVID-19 questionnaire that would then become available to the members on their personalized dashboards. When answering the survey, members would be asked to upload an image of their vaccine card directly into their personalized portal, where the image would be safely stored. 

From there, your organization or health plan can choose to use ChipRewards Rewards to reward users for getting vaccinated. We offer a huge selection of rewards that can be customized and branded to fulfill your incentive needs.

More About ChipRewards

As an administrator, you have complete control of your health plan or organization’s dashboards. You can customize the dashboards of all of your members, including those who have been vaccinated (or still need to be vaccinated). There’s no need to submit a ticket and wait for a developer to address your requests. You can customize your members’ experience with your member engagement program.

Reach out to us to learn more about how we can help your organization or health plan configure an unlimited number of health action plans across all types of populations. By requesting an assessment, we’ll be able to tailor your member engagement program to best fit the needs of your unique members.

Josh Smithey

VP of Products and Sales Enablement - ChipRewards