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The ChipRewards Platform

An enterprise platform that collects and processes relevant data to improve the health care experience, influence behaviors and drive outcomes.


The solution addresses a broad spectrum of desired health behaviors from health promotion and wellness to prevention and condition management. As clients evolve from basic, participatory programs to more sophisticated, activity and outcomes-based initiatives, the ChipRewards solution provides a scalable foundation to launch programs that effectively lead individuals through the continuum of health management.


Through the integration of behavioral science, communications, population segmentation and analytics, ChipRewards’ enterprise-level solution enables health plans, employers, and healthcare service providers to design and implement large-scale initiatives that increase participation and drive clinical and financial outcomes.

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Healthcare Delivery Solutions

Healthcare delivery organizations are faced with new challenges and opportunities related to population health management. New forms of reimbursement are emerging and tied more to “pay for performance” vs. the more traditional “fee for service” payment structure. New coordinated healthcare delivery networks are evolving and focusing more resources on population health risk management.


Last year, healthcare expenditures in the U.S. exceeded $2.6 trillion, with approximately 75% spent on patients with one or more chronic conditions, many of which could have been prevented. Patient-centric engagement strategies are becoming integral to directing and managing healthcare for improved clinical and financial outcomes. Incentive-based programs are proven to help healthcare organizations motivate patients to engage in healthy actions and behaviors, including preventative care, interventional care, and chronic care management.


The ChipRewards solution provides healthcare delivery organizations with an enterprise-wide, scalable, and highly configurable solution designed to address the unique patient engagement objectives of each healthcare organization. The solution provides the necessary infrastructure to monitor, track, and communicate activities at the individual level. Many organizations use this solution as the infrastructure for improving participation and compliance in planned patient engagement strategies.

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Health Plan Solutions

Innovative solutions, value-based benefits, scalability and strategic member retention are top priorities for health insurers. The structure of health plans and other consumer-centric initiatives are driving the industry to redefine traditional business models, improve health and reduce costs, and scale new intervention strategies focused on the individual.


ChipRewards offers a fully configurable, enterprise-wide incentive platform providing a flexible solution for health plans. The platform allows for an unlimited number of programs to be offered across any number of groups or segments as unique programs with distinct incentive offerings, activity tracking processes, incentive payments and billing.


ChipRewards provides solutions to manage incentives for fully insured populations as well as for Administrative Services Only (ASO) relationships. The ChipRewards system provides necessary and auditable tracking and reporting services and can be configured to be an extension of the health plan’s existing member services department. In addition, the reporting capabilities of the ChipRewards solution provide the health plan with the detailed accounting of its programs down to the individual behavior level. The ChipRewards solution offers numerous methods to track, communicate and monitor a broad set of health behaviors evidenced by an array of data sources including medical claims.


ChipRewards has demonstrated experience partnering with some of the most innovative and respected health plans in the nation.

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Employer Solutions

Maximizing performance and improving financial results are a top priority for any employer. Healthy and productive employees are key factors in achieving top performance and controlling costs. Offering incentives to employees who take action towards maximizing their health is an initiative that can be a competitive advantage for any organization. Trends show that employers are sharply increasing strategic investments in incentive-based programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles.


ChipRewards offers employers an enterprise-wide solution that enables them to administer and communicate incentives for virtually any health or wellness behavior for an unlimited number of people in a specific and targeted fashion. ChipRewards provides the ability to reward multiple health and wellness actions simultaneously at the individual behavior level, and vary the incentives across any desired subgroup or segment of the employee population.


ChipRewards provides employers with an efficient mechanism to track desired behaviors. As a result, employers are able to assess the degree of participation and report on engagement levels in health, wellness, pharmacy, safety, recognition and productivity behaviors.


ChipRewards integrates a wide variety of data sources, allowing employers to validate employee engagement and response rates in desired behaviors. The system provides program managers the ability to modify and refine strategies based on actual results. ChipRewards’ professional services team, including behavioral scientists, can assist program sponsors throughout the implementation, launch and optimization phases to fine tune communications and incentive offerings to maximize desired outcomes.


The ChipRewards solution allows employees to view the promotions and activities available to them and track earned incentive points or dollars for each behavior that meets the established criteria. The employee’s relevant behaviors are converted to a pre-determined rewards currency, then recorded and stored in the employee’s personal online reward account. This is accessed through the member portal where the member may view their participation activities and see their rewards balance increase as they engage in each desired behavior.


Further, the ChipRewards solution can be configured to support additional employer initiatives including safety, performance awards, recognition, etc. The platform provides a comprehensive view of all activities that can be tracked and rewarded throughout the employee population.

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