Platform Overview

Dynamically Configurable

The ChipRewards platform was designed to allow for the right content to be served up to the user at the right time. This allows for a configurable platform at the enterprise, group, and member level. Through this configurability, the end user sees content that is relevant to their needs and sees this content at the right time.

Machine Learning

As information is gathered around a ChipRewards platform user, the platform interprets data and assigns specific interventions and consequences to that user. This allows for the content, programs, and other information the end user sees to be personalized and relevant. The more data that is received around a user, the more the platform is able to produce this content.

Reward & Incentive

Gone are the days of offering a gift card for performing an activity. The ChipRewards platform allows for Rewards and Incentives to be configured to meet the user's end goal and create engagement. These rewards can be configured in almost an unlimited number of ways ranging from Health Savings Deposits, PTO Days, Cash Incentives, Gift Card, Merchandise, Travel, and much more. These rewards can be setup in a way to meet your budget needs as well.

Behavior Change

CR uses a behavioral science approach to design, develop and deploy strategies that guide individuals through the process of engagement and behavior change. For any given target behavior, there are a series of “pre-cursor” behaviors that can either guide an individual towards or away from the target behavior. The use of these strategies help move an individual towards the targeted behavior and increases the probability that the behavior occurs.

Engagement & Loyalty

From initial member enrollment and welcome, to health and wellness program participation, to the specific tracking and reporting targeted health-contingent outcomes, to sustainable and growing member loyalty, an engagement platform serving as an engagement system of record must create a configurable and flexible infrastructure which always keeps the focus on the value proposition and benefit to the member/consumer. By installing a single configurable tracking and influencing platform across all vendor relationships, user behavior can be influenced regardless of the program or program provider.

Real-time Communication

The ChipRewards rules engine that powers the platform also powers the communications. This allows for real-time, meaningful and personalized, communications to be delivered to the user when the user needs the communication. Users are able to setup their communication preferences and will only be sent communications that are designed to change behaviors and increase engagement.

Self Administration

ChipRewards offers a fully configurable platform that can be administered and monitored through our back-end tool. This allows the ChipRewards administrative user to design, implement, and launch vendor integrations, targeted communications, track member activities and preferences, and create reward earning opportunities with the click of a button. ChipRewards' account managers will offer support for all, some, or none of your program configuration needs depending on your preferences and needs.