ChipRewards Diabetic Prevention Journey

Diabetes Prevention Journey

(Diabetes Prevention Journey) – ChipRewards has developed a digital self-directed diabetes prevention program. The program consists of 30 weekly educational and call-to-action sessions that result in the member taking incremental steps toward making healthier choices and an overall healthier lifestyle. Sessions are short and easy-to-follow programs that ask the member to make small one-step at a time changes in eating and activity habits. The new habits are reinforced and built upon in each of the subsequent weekly sessions.

Studies have repeatedly shown that at risk members that complete a CDC based diabetes prevention program are substantially less likely to progress to type II diabetes.  With the average annual healthcare cost of a type II diabetes being 2½ times that of a non-diabetic, along with over 1/3 of the population with an imminent risk of type II diabetes, the savings in future healthcare expense is astronomical.

Icario Expands Consumer Engagement and Health Action Platform

with Acquisition of ChipRewards

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