ChipRewards Engage

Designed To Drive Engagement

The ChipRewards platform is designed to drive engagement. It captures patient data from all possible sources, uses extensive rules to segment and stratify member populations. It identifies and stratifies target populations, engages patients directly in their own care with incentives to follow a customized care plan. It will use the healthcare engagement hub to drive members toward the appropriate preventative and condition management behaviors.

Through its highly configurable rules, the incentive reward platform systematically improves outcomes for a population of members, using customized (per individual) care plans with targeted measures (promotions) and follow-up notifications to push desired behaviors. The patient centered program engages and encourages members to better manage their health, provide education, close gaps in care, promote healthier lifestyles and motivate / incentivize them to make healthy choices.  The ChipRewards platform, with its robust rules engine, will monitor behaviors by determining what has been done and what hasn’t been done in the care plan and help members stay on track by providing the appropriate action at the appropriate time.  This increased engagement results in closed gaps in care, improved quality measures while maintaining the overriding purposes of reducing healthcare costs and improving patient outcomes and experiences.

Icario Expands Consumer Engagement and Health Action Platform

with Acquisition of ChipRewards

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