ChipRewards Integrate

The Ability To Quickly Build And Onboard New Integrations

The ability to quickly build and onboard new integrations one is of ChipRewards’ core competencies. The ChipRewards platform is designed so that any number of sources or vendors providing programs, content or transactional data can be integrated into the system. This offers our clients unparalleled ability to contract for and use any number of third party vendors for any condition and / or disease management they desire. We have vast experience in automating the import of eligibility files, medical claims, pharmacy claims, providing or connecting through API's with other program vendors, biometric data suppliers, self-reported data through survey apps, mobile apps, device tracking (with or without any reliance on third party aggregators), disease management program/apps, nutritional programs/apps, CDHP providers, transparency vendors, content providers, coaching platforms and registries, medical records, telemedicine, HSA managers, HRS vendors, providers and others.