ChipRewards Nutrition

Drive Members Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Coupled with condition management and lifestyle change opportunities, the ChipRewards Nutrition application is a powerful tool in changing the eating habits of users. With its powerful platform, capable of identifying and stratifying members, ChipRewards can drive members towards a healthier lifestyle by providing them with this nutritional tool that gives them condition specific recipe searches and meal plan builders.

ChipRewards believes that nutrition is the foundation upon which all healthy behaviors are based. Our nutrition application allows members to search recipes and build meal plans and shopping list based on their specific health needs.  Unlike other strict prescribed plans, the ChipRewards application has procured numerous certified recipes that will fit within each member’s particular needs.  Members are allowed to choose from a vast array of recipes to suit their tastes and build a completely individualized meal plan.  This variety keeps members engaged and interested where otherwise they lose interest in predetermined and prescribed meal plans with a lack of variety or individuality.

Icario Expands Consumer Engagement and Health Action Platform

with Acquisition of ChipRewards

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