What is An Incentive Reward Program For Employees

Incentive Program Definition

An incentive reward program is a formal system or scheme that is used to encourage specific behaviors and engagement. The Chip Rewards platform is configurable which allows for total flexibility in Incentive Design. This allows the ChipRewards a platform that rewards on not only healthy behaviors, but engagement in any internal tools that you deem necessary.

We offer and support a large range of incentive methods and reward fulfillment options, including reward currency. These incentives can be tailored to specific needs of the client to ensure that the right incentive method is identified for the client.

Examples of Incentive Rewards

Below are some examples of rewards that can be fulfilled with the ChipRewards platform:

  • Electronic and Plastic Gift cards (National Retailers)
  • Premium adjustments
  • Deductible adjustments
  • Account contributions (HRA, HSA, FSA, Open Loop)
  • Reloadable Cards
  • Co-pay adjustments
  • Payroll, CDH, or other reports to the employer
  • Charitable contributions

If you are interested in learning more about ChipRewards or incentive programs to increase engagement with your team, contact us today! We want to hear from you and answer any questions that you have.

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